IT'S ABOUT YOU! :)

    Well, hello, and welcome!

    Alas, it's just the two of us.  

    I'm delighted you've taken a moment to peruse the "pages of me."

    Relax, take your time, it's just the beginning of what could be many intimate moments between us.


    "...curious about societies, cultures and economies - always in search of the existential meaning."


    If after spending a little time here, you feel convinced we should meet,

    here is where I outline a couple ways that may happen. 



    5'8" / 171 cm 


    112 lbs /50 kg

    Shoe: 6.5 /38

    All natural,

    no implants or plastic surgery 



    Dirty blonde,

    or bright blonde, with seasons or mood

    Non Smoker

    Occasional 420

    For Your Viewing Pleasure


    1500  | 2 hrs 

    500 | hr for addl hrs*


    5000 | 12 hrs

    7000 | 24 hrs


    ~ 3000 for addl days

    *I have deliberately

    structured my

    rates so that

    additional hours can

    be enjoyed soaking

    in the convivial

    atmosphere of

    a fine restaurant,

    strolling a farmer's

    market or taking

    in a show. 

    Please use these

    additional hours accordingly.


    (with 420 and a 4-hr min)

    Challenge your intimacy issues.

    So for those readers remaining, haha, this is my own personalized version of tantric practice.

    So much confusion (and frankly weirdness) lies around this and I'm interested in authenticity, sorta.


    There are so many different

    sects of practice.  Some forbid marijuana, others mandate it. Some worshipped women, others practice ritual rapes and incest. 

    (guess which way I lean)

      --Because it's so intimate,

    I will only engage with those who are comfortable with marijuana. --

    Yes, it's a gateway drug


    From there, brace yourself for eye contact, breathwork, touch, communication, worship and exploration of the female form.  

    In my estimation, this could be one of the most valuable takeaways you may get from an encounter with me. 

    Think of it like this...

    "Give a man a fish 

    and you feed him for a day. 

    Teach a man to fish 

    and you feed him for a lifetime."