(pronounced lie-la)

I've been called an enigma, which I think is a compliment.  Perhaps it's my appearance and character that are paradoxical; I suppose my appearance is that of a model's (in fact, I have modeled worldwide in television commercials, catalogues, and even a billboard) and apparently, that must come with a certain expectation that my greatest concern is what fancy handbag I might next acquire, or hot new restaurant to try.  And while I'm not above appreciating exquisite handbag design, I'm far more substantial.  I'm deeply aware and concerned about the world and consider myself a humanitarian.  Paradoxically, I guess you could argue that rubs up against my hedonistic tendencies.   See?...but aren't we all dichotomous in ways?...the only trick is understanding this about ourselves and others.

I'm proud of my education, informal perhaps even more than formal.  While I graduated from a top-20 university (top 5 within my major), I continue to read voraciously, watch documentaries and manage my news junkie tendencies.  I'm not an expert on many subjects, but I do know enough... for example, I know the difference between the Shia and Sunnis, or the Houthis and Hutus (vs Tutsis) and even the exotic warring tribes GOP vs the Dems (eyeroll).  I truly do enjoy entertaining all kinds of intellectual, economic, political and even scientific questions and topics. 


My most marked characteristic is my fearlessness and insatiable appetite for adventure (no, really).  You might get a small taste of this when I kiss you, or under the sheets, or you might see it in my life in general.  There is almost nowhere that I wouldn't travel, I'm just so curious about societies, cultures and economies - always in search of the existential meaning.  I've been known to travel to conflict zones, refugee camps or climb mountains.  I'm happy camping in the jungle searching for an endangered lemur, getting lost in the labyrinth of roads in an old European city, or shoveling a 4-wheel drive out of the mud on the plains of the savannah.  But I clean up well and promise, I won't complain about sipping a rosé poolside at the Four Seasons, after a spa treatment.